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June 16


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The following are some of my recent faves.  Perhaps you have already seen them.  If not, please check them out!

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Has The Devil Ever Played In Snow? by bloodonthewhitedress
neverending path by yiea
Zand. by Anoya
Mission Magpie by DeeOtter
Hyperactive Joy by MayEbony
perfect landing by frei76
Yellow-throated Vireo by GarryKirsch
<da:thumb id="302729041"/>
Flashes of Ruby by AlainaLee
Spring Grackle by 8TwilightAngel8
Pink and Grey Galah by MayEbony
Autumnal Leaves by musicismylife10027
Herald of Spring by sesam-is-open
Green Grasp by AtelierKatyHaecker
building the shells by Zlata-Petal
Untitled by ZhangLei123
A Treetop View by pikachuafwc


F.A.Q. Confused

I'm a painter/sketch artist, may I use your photo(s) as reference?
:) (Smile) Feel free to use my non-stock photos as reference to your traditional and/or digital drawings/paintings.  Please send me a link to your finished work, I'd like to see your interpretation. 

Can I use your images as stock or for photo-manipulation, web design, web blog, or other personal/school/work projects?
:( (Sad) No, this gallery contains no stock images.  All my photographs are copyrighted and may not be altered, printed or published in any media and/or format, and definitely not to be re-posted on other website, blog or social media page.

What do the four-digit numbers in your image titles mean?
:) (Smile) They are original image file numbers from my cameras (IMG_2005, IMG_2006, IMG_2007, IMG_2008, etc.) and kept as reference for easy search in my personal photo archive.

What cameras do you use?
:) (Smile) My digital camera bodies are Canon EOS 1D Mark III, 5D Mark III, 7D, 40D and 30D.  All used regularly with a variety of Canon EF lenses--from macro to ultra-wide angle. 


Some of my own photographs:
Curious? 1308P by Sooper-Deviant Who Wants a Feature? 5175 by Sooper-Deviant Curious Titmouse 6941P by Sooper-Deviant
Goodbye Autumn 2013 by Sooper-Deviant A Dark Angel 0700 by Sooper-Deviant More Than A Full Moon 5929P by Sooper-Deviant
Baby Steps 0268P by Sooper-Deviant Curiosity 5784P by Sooper-Deviant LOVE.4.U by Sooper-Deviant

As always, thanks for your comments and +fav's!

Eat well, exercise often, live honorably, respect nature, and be happy! Peace
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Anoya Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014   Photographer
Thank you very much! :heart:
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Thank you for your support!  :)
Snowlynx46 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem ^^
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Thank you. This means alot. :)
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Gorgeous, beautiful images all :iconemoteclapping1plz::iconemoteclapping2plz:
Sooper-Deviant Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Thank you for taking a look.  :)
marthig Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You'reWelcome by KmyGraphic  
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